Delicious Colorful Omelette Recipe

Delicious Colorful Omelette Recipe !!!


Save your precious free time with preparation of Delicious Colorful Omelette Recipe for breakfast.

Delicious Colorful Omelette Recipe

I remember once I had a dolphin shaped mold, when my children were still very young though, and the breakfast I prepared for them we used to call “the colorful dolphin”.

Only you could see them how happy they were with their eyes blinking out of pleasure. Good old days…

You can still adjust the recipe according to ingredients you have on disposal, so once the folks get out of bed, their favorite breakfast is served in a minute.

Ingredients for Delicious Colorful Omelette Recipe :

2 medium-sized carrots

100 gr. ham

1 cup of peas

6 eggs

Delicious Colorful Omelette Recipe

½ cup of milk

Finely cut parsley



Black pepper

Preparation of Delicious Colorful Omelette Recipe :

First, dice carrots, and then boil them for a while together with peas for approximately 10 minutes.

When carrots and peas are boiled, strain them well from the water and put in a large bowl.

Chop ham as well and also add in the bowl, and then add the grated parmesan.

Then, whip the eggs in another bowl, pour the milk, and finally add the finely cut parsley, salt and black pepper.

Stir it all well, pour the mixture into the boiled vegetables, and stir well again so that all ingredients spread out equally.

Pour entire mixture in a previously greased roasting tray and roast for approximately 15 minutes at 180 C.

Finally, cut roasted colorful omelette to your own liking and serve with a glass of homemade yogurt as an addition.


Delicious Colorful Omelette Recipe

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