Creamy and Decorative Polenta

Creamy and Decorative Polenta !!!


This recipe for Creamy and Decorative Polenta is a great choice that will surprise your guests, and especially your children.

Creamy and Decorative Polenta

А delicious and decorative meal that you can prepare at any time of the day.

Ingredients for Creamy and Decorative Polenta:

300 g of polenta

250 g of ham

5-6 olives

2 carrots

800 ml milk

50 ml. oil

1/2 tsp salt

50 gr. peas

50 gr. corn

black pepper

Creamy and Decorative Polenta

Preparation of Creamy and Decorative Polenta :

At the beginning, we chop the carrots on small cubes and put them together with corn and peas to boil in milk.

When it boils nicely, add salt and finely chopped olives and slowly, add the polenta mixing simultaneously.

Cover the mold with foil.

We place the chopped ham at the bottom of the mold, and then transfer the finished polenta into the mold.

Smooth out a nice polenta in the mold and top it with oil, then wrap it with the foil.

So let’s cool and serve.

Creamy and Decorative Polenta

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