Corn Starch & Bacon Unleavened Cake

How To Prepare Corn Starch & Bacon Unleavened Cake


Corn starch & bacon unleavened cake is the perfect meal that combined with various kinds of vegetables is equally served for breakfast and dinner as well.

All ingredients are added according to own people choice, so you can freely add pickles, ham, bacon, mushrooms, peas, spinach or anything else.

Corn Starch & Bacon Unleavened Cake

Ingredients you need for corn starch & bacon unleavened cake:

500 gr. yogurt

3 eggs

1/2 cup of olive oil

700 gr. corn starch (corn flour)

700 gr. regular white flour

1 baking powder

1 cup grated cheese

200 gr. bacon

2 boiled carrots

2 teaspoons finely cut dried red tomatoes

finely cut parsley

Corn Starch & Bacon Unleavened Cake

Preparation of corn starch & bacon unleavened cake:

First, dice carrots finely and boil them into some water.

Then, put some finely chopped bacon into a bowl to sauté and turn brown.

Mix both types of flour, add baking powder and mix well again.

Whisk eggs into another bowl, add yogurt, stir it continually, and then also add the rest of the ingredients such as cheese, bacon, carrots, finely cut parsley and many more you would like to add.

Pour entire mixture into a previously greased baking pattern, after you’ve mixed it well completely, or use muffin patterns as well to bake mixture in it.

Sprinkle with sesame before baking unleavened cake into the oven.

Bake for approximately 30-35 minutes at 200 C degrees.


Corn Starch & Bacon Unleavened Cake

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