chocolate truffles

Chocolate Truffles – Triple Pleasure !!!



Chocolate truffles? Delicious… is there anyone who wouldn’t try?

Prepared in all possible variants, adapted to everyone’s taste.

Today I’ve decided to share three ways to prepare delicious chocolate truffles.

chocolate truffles

1. Chocolate & banana truffles


2 bananas

250gr/1 cup ground biscuit

250gr./1 cup powdered sugar

50gr./1.76 oz coconut powder

50gr./1.76 oz white chocolate

100gr./3.5 oz dark chocolate

50gr./1.76 oz chocolate crumbs


First, take two bananas, remove the peel and mash them.

Grate the white chocolate and add to the mashed bananas.

Then, add ground biscuits, powdered sugar and coconut to it.

Mix it all well to make all ingredients consistent, and then shape some chocolate truffles.

Finally, melt dark chocolate aside,and dip each truffle into the chocolate and roll it then into chocolate crumbs.


2. Chocolate & dates truffles


300gr./10.5 oz dried dates

2 tbsp rum

100gr./3.5 oz fine-cut roasted nuts

50gr./1.76 oz dark chocolate

50gr. /1.76 oz white chocolate


First, cut the dried dates finely, pour them with rum, and put aside for half an hour so that it absorbs some of the rum’s aroma.

Melt both white and dark chocolate, and stir occasionally.

Squeeze the rum out of the dates, and then add the dates into the melted chocolate.

Add fine-cut nuts to it, and mix it all well to make it all consistent.

At the end, shape chocolate truffles with your own hands and roll them into the fine-cut roasted nuts.

chocolate truffles

3. Chocolate & marmalade truffles


500gr./17.6 oz crushed biscuits

6 tbsp marmalade

Some cold milk

1 tbsp butter

100gr./3.5 oz chocolate

100gr./3.5 oz fine-cut hazelnuts

50gr./1.76 oz coconut milk powder


Crush the biscuits and add some milk so that they become little softer.

Add marmalade, butter and fine-cut hazelnuts.

Mix it all well and shape truffles with your own hands.

Melt the chocolate and dip each truffle into it.

Finally, roll the chocolate truffles into coconut milk powder.

chocolate truffles

Bon Appétit!

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