Chocolate Baklava

Phyllo Dough Traditional Chocolate Baklava Recipe


Phyllo dough traditional chocolate baklava is a number one dessert that serves as a must when you desire to try something sweet that tastes delicious.

Its taste will simply make you remain amazed.

Chocolate Baklava

Just imagine the chocolate and orange peel combination – fantastic.

Its preparation is quick and simple.

Ingredients you need to prepare phyllo dough traditional chocolate baklava:

500gr. phyllo dough

300gr. grind hazelnuts

400gr. grated chocolate

Lemon peel

Orange peel

250gr. butter

Preparation of phyllo dough traditional chocolate baklava:

First, grate chocolate into a large bowl.

Chop some roasted hazelnuts and add into the grated chocolate.

Chocolate Baklava

Then, zest the lemon and orange peel and add as well.

Mix well hazelnuts, grated chocolate, lemon and orange zest, so that they conjoin together.

Grease phyllo dough baking tray with butter.

Then, take one layer phyllo and overlap into two halves.

Spread chocolate filling onto each phyllo halves.

Overlap the ends of the phyllo, so that chocolate filling is kept inside, and then roll the phyllo.

Put together each phyllo roulade into a butter greased baking tray.

Cut such prepared roulades so that each piece comes approximately 3-4 cm, or whatever you like.

Melt 250gr. butter and pour it onto the phyllo roulades.

Bake around 45 minutes at 180 C.

Put aside baklava when ready, to cool down.

In meanwhile prepare the sharbat (a Turkish word for a type of syrup), that you will pour onto the phyllo dough to complete preparation of baklava.

Ingredients you need to prepare sharbat (syrup):

1l. water

700gr. sugar

1 lemon cut into thin circles

Preparation of sharbat:

Chocolate Baklava

Boil water, sugar and lemon into a boiling pot at medium temperature.

Stir occasionally so that sugar melts well into the water.

Keep boiling for additional 5-10 minutes, and pour the sharbat until still hot onto the phyllo dough baklava that has already cooled down.

Such prepared phyllo dough baklava is recommended to be consumed one day later, so that phyllo absorbs well the sharbat.

Enjoy its unique taste!

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