Chicken - mushrooms topping

Chicken – Mushrooms Topping !!!


Chicken – mushrooms topping is one of those easy meals that didn’t require special culinary skills to prepare some recipe successfully.

Chicken - mushrooms topping

To prepare such recipe I usually use either deboned chicken legs or chicken stakes.

No matter what you’ve chosen its taste is equally delicious. The choice is yours.

Chicken is known as the healthiest meat, so you won’t regret your choice.

Ingredients you need to prepare Chicken – mushrooms topping :

4 chicken steaks or 4 deboned chicken legs

Mustard – to coat chicken meat


50ml. white wine

Curry powder


Black pepper

Preparation of chicken meat:

First, wash chicken well, and put aside to strain.

Then, put wine, curry powder, salt, black pepper and rosemary branches into a plastic bag.

Shut the plastic bag well, and shake it so that all ingredients mix together.

Coat chicken with a thin layer of mustard, and add into the plastic bag into which you’ve prepared the marinade.

Shake plastic bag again and put aside chicken into such prepared marinade approximately for an hour.

After an hour, pour marinated chicken into a previously greased roasting tray, and roast into oven at 180 C for approximately 40-45 minutes.

In meanwhile prepare the mushrooms topping.

Chicken - mushrooms topping

Ingredients you need to prepare mushrooms topping:

300gr. fresh mushrooms

2 tablespoons regular white flour

2 tablespoons sour cream

1-2 cloves of garlic


Cooking oil


Black pepper

Preparation of chicken – mushrooms topping:

First, wash fresh mushrooms well, and cut into thin slices.

Then, dip thin pieces of mushrooms into preheated cooking oil, and deep-fry.

Add both flour and finely cut garlic before mushrooms release their juice, and stir continually.

When flour becomes a little darker, add spices, pour some water, and steam at low temperature.

Finally, attenuate topping with sour cream.

Serve chicken meat onto a dinner plate, and pour the mushrooms topping onto it.

Have a nice meal!

Chicken - mushrooms topping

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