Chicken Liver

Chicken Liver & Onion Recipe !!!


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Chicken liver recipe is one of those recipes that are prepared quickly, and is also quite simple.

Its taste is nutritionally quite rich and specific at the same time, which believe me you’ll really like it.

With just a few ingredients, you can easily prepare some extraordinary tasteful meal.

Chicken Liver

Ingredients you need to prepare this recipe:

1 kg. fresh chicken liver

500 gr. finely cut onion

3-4 cloves of garlic


Black pepper

Dried oregano

Cooking oil

1 big carrot

3 tablespoons mustard

100 ml. white wine

Chicken Liver


First, cut both onion and garlic finely, and then add finely cut carrot.

Put some cooking oil into a frying pan, and add the carrot and onion.

Fry at low temperature until they become brown.

Wash chicken liver through a flush of water.

Add the liver so that it fries for a while too, after you’ve fried the carrot and onion.

Pour some water into the frying pan so that it covers the chicken liver, and then add the white wine and fry it all at low temperature.

Add spices, black pepper and salt.

When the entire juice boils down, add the mustard at the end.

Stir it all well, and that’s it.

Your meal is finally ready.

Serve the chicken liver with mashed or roasted potatoes.

Finally, have a glass of fine white wine that perfectly fits with this meal combination.

Have a nice meal!

Chicken Liver


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