Chicken Drumsticks With Sour Cream Recipe !!!


Today I’m suggesting you prepare some chicken drumsticks with sour cream as an idea for your upcoming lunch.

If you are chicken meat lover, this recipe will make you feel amazed.

It’s something you’ll really enjoy.


Ingredients for Chicken Drumsticks With Sour Cream :

6 chicken drumsticks

2 eggs

400 ml sour cream

4 tablespoons mustard

3 cloves of garlic


black pepper

cooking oil

Chicken Drumsticks With Sour Cream


Preparation of Chicken Drumsticks With Sour Cream :

First, wash chicken drumsticks well, and put aside to dry.

Use cotton towel if needed to mop them so that they are finally dry.

Prepare the other ingredients into another bowl, ingredients you’ll use to prepare some white sauce.

Whip two eggs manually using whisk or kitchen fork.

Cut garlic finely or you can crush it using garlic press, and then add to the whisked eggs.

Also add mustard, sour cream, and put some salt and black pepper.

Chicken Drumsticks With Sour Cream

So, add all ingredients together, and mix all well so that entire mixture conjoins well.

If you prefer some other spices, feel free to add, and believe me it will fit perfectly.

It would be a good idea if you add mushrooms in the recipe, or previously thin sliced bacon, but the choice is certainly yours, so that you can freely experiment with.

Roll each drumstick into such prepared white sauce, arrange into roasting tray that is previously greased with cooking oil or butter.

When chicken drumsticks are arranged, pour the rest of white sauce onto it, and shake the roasting tray well.

Cover entire roasting tray with an aluminum foil.

Roast drumsticks for approximately an hour at 180 -200 C.

Chicken Drumsticks With Sour Cream

Bon appétit!

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