Cabbage Cake

Cabbage Cake For Real Gourmets !!!


Ingredients for preparing Cabbage Cake  :

1 medium sized cabbage

700gr. ground meat

1 bulb of onion

1 carrot



Wild thyme


100gr. walnuts

2 tablespoons bread crumbs

1 egg

Cooking oil

Cabbage Cake

Preparation of cabbage cake:

First, take one cabbage, easily remove its core, and carefully remove its leaves one by one.

Do not get alarmed if some of the leaves tears apart.

Boil some water into a boiling pot, with some salt added into it.

When water is boiled, easily remove the cabbage leaves. Keep two cabbage leaves fresh so that you use them further as a base when arranging.

Cabbage leaves remain into boiled water until they become soft.

In meanwhile prepare the filling.

Put finely chopped onion and carrot into a frying pan, and fry them for a while.

Then, add ground meat and fry it as well.

Also add salt, pepper, bread crumbs, finely cut walnuts and dried spices.

Put aside fried meat when ready, add one egg, and mix well.

When cabbage leaves are soft enough, take one leaf by one using food clamp, and put aside to strain well.

It is time to arrange the “cake”.

I want to present two procedures I use to arrange cabbage cake.

Procedure number one: Grease one large plate with cooking oil, and put one fresh cabbage leaf on the bottom.

Put some of the ground meat filling you’ve prepared, then put one soft cabbage leaf again. Repeat the procedure until you have cabbage leaves and filling on disposal, and cover the top with a fresh cabbage leaf.

Turn the plate upside down, put such prepared “cabbage cake” into an oven bag, and roast into oven at 180-200 C for approximately one hour.

Procedure number two: Choose one suitable pot with lid, then put fresh cabbage leaf at the bottom. Put some of the filling, and soft cabbage leaf. Repeat it all with the rest of the leaves and filling.

Pour cabbage cake with water into which cabbage leaves boiled. Make sure you’ve poured only 1/3 of the cake in its height.

Cover the pot with lid, and let it stew at low temperature for around two hours.

Cabbage Cake

Enjoy your meal!

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