Best Recipe For Quiche

Best Recipe For Quiche Prepared With Stale Bread


Best Recipe For Quiche is one of those low-cost recipes that are always welcomed since they are suitable for people’s family budget.

The other good reason to prepare the recipe is that you use the stale bread you have at your kitchen in a quite interesting and delicious way.

Best Recipe For Quiche

Its preparation can also include or exclude many ingredients, but nevertheless you get some perfect taste at the end.

Ingredients for Best Recipe For Quiche :

6 slices stale bread

5 eggs

1 medium sized grated zucchini

100 ml. yogurt

3 cloves of garlic

Mozzarella cheese (the quantity is optional)


black pepper

dried oregano

Best Recipe For Quiche

Preparation of Best Recipe For Quiche :

First, grate zucchini into a large bowl, sprinkle some salt, and put aside for a while so that it releases the juice it contains, and finally strain well.

Then, add zucchini some bread that is cut into small cubes.

Whisk eggs into another bowl, add yogurt, and pour such whisked eggs into the bowl with bread and zucchini.

Put some black pepper, finely cut mozzarella cheese, pressed garlic and oregano.

Stir entire mixture, so that it conjoins well.

Preheat some cooking oil into a frying pan at medium temperature.

Pour the mixture into the frying pan when cooking oil is heated, but make sure you’ve spread it equally.

Fry the bottom side of the mixture, and then overturn it into another frying pan, so that the other side of the mixture fries as well.

If you don’t have two equal frying pans on disposal, you can just put mixture into a plate, and then fry the other side into the same frying pan.

Serve some salad as an addition to this stale bread quiche.

Enjoy your meal!

Best Recipe For Quiche

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