puff pastry

The Best Puff Pastry Recipe !!!


Puff pastry recipe with which you can make puff rolls !

Who says you can only buy puff pastry in bakeries?

Believe me, you can try preparing it at your home.

Puff pastry recipes are easy to prepare, although the words puff pastry themselves sound like as if there is something hard to manage.

puff pastry


Step by step procedure:

The procedure starts in a way that all you have to do is kneading all ingredients and putting it aside, until you prepare the other ones:

20gr./ 0.70 oz dry yeast

1 tsp sugar

2-3 tbsp all-purpose flour

2-3 tbsp lukewarm water

Other ingredients you also need:

1kg./ 35 oz all-purpose flour

2 tsp salt

2 eggs

2 egg whites

300ml/ 1 1/4 cup yogurt

220ml./ 1 cup lukewarm milk

220gr./ 1 cup butter


First, knead the dough with all ingredients mentioned above and add the part prepared with yeast, you’ve prepared at the beginning.

Make sure the dough does not increase its volume after kneading, but start shaping immediately.

Divide in two parts, with each part divided in 8 additional parts and knead each dough ball for a while.

Coat each dough crust with butter and put one onto another, unless the crust that is put on the top.

puff pastry

Knead one big crust made from all other crusts and cut the crust into 4 parts, with each part also cut into 5 further equal parts, and then shape into dough rolls.

puff pastry

This is the way I use to shape the dough rolls, but you can also shape it on your own, just to your liking.

You can also cut the big crust into thin slices, and shape it further into triangle. It is all up to you and your kneading skills.

Put the dough rolls you’ve already shaped into a butter greased baking tray, but make sure you also leave some empty space between them.

Now its time to coat them with whisked egg yolk and add some sesame.

Than put a slice of butter onto each dough roll and put it all aside for approximately 1-2 hours to increase its volume.

Bake into the oven at 200 C / 400 F.

puff pastry

Bon Appétit!

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4 thoughts on “The Best Puff Pastry Recipe !!!

    1. You can avoid eggs .This recipe is with eggs but you can make it without them.
      The most important thing is dough, but also second important thing is coating each dough crust with butter and put one onto another.

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