rice pudding recipe

Adorable old fashioned rice pudding recipe !!!


Adorable old fashioned rice pudding recipe is a dessert that my family desires for years.

I still remember its smell in my mother’s kitchen that would come directly to our nostrils and made us asking:

Is it ready? When will it be ready?

rice pudding recipe

It always evokes some special memories and I still think I can feel its taste right in my mouth, taste that reminds me of all those happy, carefree moments.

Memories, memories…

Let’s start the recipe that goes this way:

Ingredients for rice pudding recipe :

1 L. milk

1 L. water

2 cups sugar

3 cups rice

100 gr butter


orange zest

Some additional ingredients you can add to this rice pudding:



-raisin (dried grape) etc.

rice pudding recipe

I personally stick to the basic recipe when preparing it, with its taste being equally rich and adorable, so that any additional ingredients are not required, if you ask me.

Nevertheless, adapt it just the way you like it, or the way your kinfolks prefer.

Preparation of rice pudding recipe :

First, boil all ingredients together.

Stir it continually with a spoon from the moment you’d started boiling until it completely boils, and then you can also remain cooking it at lower temperature.

The process of boiling lasts until rice is completely boiled and you get the thickness you like.

You can also prepare this rice pudding by blending, if you like. Its taste would be equal and you won’t make a mistake.

At last, add vanilla and orange zest, 5-6 minutes before it’s done.

Serve such prepared rice pudding into small pudding dishes or glasses, and put aside to cool down.

Enjoy it!

Try the recipe as well, it would really amaze you!

rice pudding recipe

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