Mouth-Watering Pork Chops Recipe !!!

Pork Chops Recipe

Pork Chops Recipe will be one of your favorite recipes once you try it. Its ideal for your dinner with your family and friends. Ingredients for pork chops recipe: 6 boneless pork chops 3-4 small onions 5-6 cloves garlic 3 tablespoons soy sauce 500 gr. sliced mushrooms 2 sliced carrots 1 green bell pepper 1

Healthy Lentil Soup !!!

Healthy Lentil Soup

Healthy lentil soup is ideal choice when you want to eat something healthy but at the same time tasty. Lentils have a high nutritional value and provides lot of health benefits: help to reduce blood cholesterol, controls diabetes, prevents atherosclerosis etc. Ingredients for healthy lentil soup: 500 gr. lentils 5-6 cloves garlic 1 onion 5

Vegetarian Cabbage Rolls Recipe !!!

Vegetarian Cabbage Rolls Recipe

Vegetarian Cabbage Rolls Recipe preparation is easy and doesn’t take much of your free time. But once you’ll try it, you’ll remain speechless. Ingredients for Vegetarian Cabbage Rolls Recipe: 1 head Medium Cabbage bulb chopped onion 2 stalks chopped leek one chopped carrot salt black pepper 1 cup rice 300 gr. chopped walnuts 2 tablespoons