Healthy Dessert With Only 3 Ingredients !

Healthy Dessert

Who says that you can`t prepare dessert with only 3 ingredients, and like so additionally be positive for your health? As a proof of this is the recipe I am writing for you today, which is: Healthy Dessert With Only 3 Ingredients . For a flavorsome vegan dessert I have not heard! So many times

Fantastic Homemade Donuts !!!

Fantastic Homemade Donuts

Once you try this recipe, you will like me, ask the same question: Who is not crazy about these Fantastic Homemade Donuts ? Quick, easy to make, delicious, not greasy donuts, in one word – PERFECT ! Ingredients for Fantastic Homemade Donuts: about 1300 gr. flour 500 ml. milk 200 ml. sparkling water 100 gr.

Aromatic Butter Cream With Garlic and Parsley

Aromatic Butter Cream With Garlic and Parsley

This recipe for Aromatic Butter Cream With Garlic and Parsley can be use more as an idea than a recipe and I know that will particularly appeal to those who love garlic. Of course this recipe is quite adaptable and you can add spices and ingredients that you want. Ingredients for Aromatic Butter Cream With

Simple Tasty Chocolate Cake

Simple Tasty Chocolate Cake

Nothing is more delicious and sweetest than cake made by your child’s hands, and especially if it’s made with chocolate like this Simple Tasty Chocolate Cake. Ingredients for Simple Tasty Chocolate Cake : 1 cup flour 1 cup sugar 4 tablespoons cocoa 1 teaspoon baking powder 2 tablespoons oil 280 ml  milk vanilla 80 gr. hazelnuts

Creamy and Decorative Polenta !!!

Creamy and Decorative Polenta

This recipe for Creamy and Decorative Polenta is a great choice that will surprise your guests, and especially your children. А delicious and decorative meal that you can prepare at any time of the day. Ingredients for Creamy and Decorative Polenta: 300 g of polenta 250 g of ham 5-6 olives 2 carrots 800 ml

Delicious, Aromatic Naked Pizza !!!

Delicious, Aromatic Naked Pizza

Don`t be confused with the name of this Delicious, Aromatic Naked Pizza, because this pizza has a really unique taste. Make sure you have to try this recipe even if you have the most delicate taste. Its content is not composed of countless groceries that we are accustomed to in classical pizza, it is simple

Roulade With Cookies And Coffee !!!

Roulade With Cookies And Coffee

I definitely proclaim this Roulade With Cookies And Coffee Recipe for dessert number one which I’ve tried lately. It is tasty and quickly prepared and truly represents a real sweet pleasure.   Ingredients for Roulade With Cookies And Coffee: 250 gr. grated cookies 100 gr. powdered sugar 100 gr. crushed nuts 100 ml. water 1

Decorative Festive Salted Muffins !!!

Decorative Festive Salted Muffins

The holidays are here and you are in a dilemma what to put on your table? Do not despair because this recipe for Decorative Festive Salted Muffins is the right choice for you. Ingredients for Decorative Festive Salted Muffins: Dough: 500 gr. flour 2 tbsp corn flour 250 ml. lukewarm milk 100 ml. olive oil